Bay Haven Care Community Visitor Policy

Bay Haven Care Community is taking precautions to protect our residents and staff  from COVID-19 and the variants as it continues to strike around the world. Please see the attached Visitor Policy which follows all government directives and rules and is in effect until further notice. As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, Bay Haven Care Community will adjust the home’s visiting rules as necessary, keeping the safety and well-being of residents and staff at the forefront. Visitors should consider their personal health and susceptibility to the virus in determining whether to visit a Long-Term Care Home is appropriate.

All visitors MUST attest that they have read/re-read the COVID Visitor Policy – Revised June 2022 once a month before visiting.

Below are the attachments to the Visitor Policy:

A. COVID Visitor Policy – Revised June 2022

B.  ORCA Hand Hygiene 

C.  ORCA Hand Sanitizing 

D.  ORCA How To Wear A Medical Mask Safely 

E.  ORCA How To Wear A Non-Medical Fabric Mask Safely 

F.   ORCA Infection Prevention and Control Practices 

G.  ORCA Physical Distancing 

H.  ORCA Proper Use of PPE 

I.   ORCA Respiratory Etiquette 

J.  Partners in Care Pledge for Long-Term Care Homes 

K.  Designation of Essential Caregiver 

L.   Visiting Chart 

M.  Instructions On How To Use Appointlet 

Part of our new Visitor Policy asks all visitors to watch three recommended videos by Public Health Ontario.

All visitors must attest that they have watched/re-watched all three videos within the last month before entering the home.
You will be ask to sign off that you have watched all videos upon entry.

Please click on the links below to watch the following videos before entering Bay Haven Care Community:

1) Putting on Full Personal Protective Equipment.

2) Taking off Full Personal Protective Equipment.

3) How to Hand Wash.

If you have any questions regarding the Visitors Policy or the videos from Public Health Ontario, please don’t hesitate to reach out and speak to the Director of Care or the Charge Nurse on duty.

Thank you.

The Bay Haven Care Community Team