The Importance of Digitizing Your Business

Modernizing Bay Haven’s Digital Presences

We are officially in the year 2020, which is a crucial year for many businesses to finally focus on digitizing their business to become up-to-date with the modern world. All types of businesses are digitizing faster than we can comprehend, and it is important for you to not fall behind. Any small town or local business needs to begin planning an online presences of their company, whether focusing on a new modernized website, or adjusting their social media pages to stand out from their competitors, these are the tools that will make your business grow and become better than ever.

1) Phones > Newspapers: To begin, we have to understand the evolution process of human beings and how we receive our information. Simply put, humans do not read newspapers anymore. At one point in history, the newspaper was the only source of news that a person could get. But now, everyone uses their phone or computer to look up whatever they want. If you truly understood how many people use the internet to look things up, wouldn’t you want your website to look better than your competitors? As Bay Haven’s Marketing Specialist, I am planning on updating the website to modernize it for 2020. This is a project that I am excited to work on for the new year.

2) Pictures Speak A Thousand Words: It is simply true; pictures speak a thousand words. We are living in a fast-pace culture where images and pictures stand out a lot more than words. In our new fast-pace culture, people do not have time to read anymore. This is why it is important to post beautiful pictures on your website or social media pages. For Bay Haven, pictures are a very important way for us to communicate with resident’s family members that live far away. This is the most ideal way for family members to see their parents or grandparents living life at Bay Haven. This is why we try to post as many pictures and videos as we can on our Facebook page.

3) Social Media Interaction: For 2020, I plan on creating new social media pages for Bay Haven Care Community. I would like to create a Bay Haven Twitter, Instagram, and a TikTok account. I believe it is important for Bay Haven to communicate with all major social media platforms, because it is a way to express Bay Haven’s culture to families. Even though Facebook is the most used social media page for Bay Haven, I would like to expand Bay Haven’s horizons by interacting with members through other popular social media pages. This is important to do for any kind of business.

4) Website Representation: To make your business stand out from your competitors, it is important to show a good representation of your company through your website. Having a clean, fresh, and new look of your company through your website can really create an amazing image for your company. Here at Bay Haven, we want people to know that we are strive for the best possible care for our residents, and that our core values of respect, quality, staff, and community is positively represented over our website. The first thing that people do when they look up a retirement or nursing home for their loved ones, they search the company through Google. Having a great representation through our website is an amazing way to promote the excellence that comes from Bay Haven.

As a Marketing Specialist, I can confidentially say that these are four important first steps to bring your company into the online world. I am excited to work on Bay Haven’s marketing plan for 2020, so please continue to follow us as you venture on a journey with us to see new modern changes coming to Bay Haven’s online presences.

Marco Sanfilippo
Marketing Specialist/Recreation Assistant

Bay Haven Care Community and Collingwood Nursing Home Are Merging For The Better

A business handshake to confirm the merge.

The newly announced project between Bay Haven Care Community and Collingwood Nursing Home opens opportunities for residents, staff, and the community. Scott Strandholt, administrator for Bay Haven, and Peter Zober, president of Collingwood Nursing Home, are working together after the Ontario government announced that it will be providing 40 additional new long-term beds for Collingwood.

Strandholt and Zober are working to build a new long-term care home that includes larger bedrooms, private washrooms, more common rooms, and a larger dinning room for their residents. Combining Bay Haven Care Community’s 60 beds with Collingwood Nursing Home’s 60 beds and adding the additional 40 beds the province has awarded, the new facility will have a total of 160 beds. Not only will this merge be beneficial for our current and future residents, it will also create more jobs and opportunities for registered nurses, PSW workers, dietary, recreation, marketing, volunteers, and management. “We want to see Collingwood grow for the better” Scott says as he envisions better quality of life for Collingwood’s senior citizens to have a comfortable and safe place to live as they age.

While Strandholt and Zober continue to discuss details about the future home, it is an exciting time to be part of the Bay Haven Care Community and Collingwood Nursing Home teams. Both homes will benefit from each other since they are both family-run and have been in the nursing/retirement home business for over 80 years combined. Collingwood’s lifestyle has always focused on families and community, and I believe that this is exactly the type of long-term care home Collingwood deserves.

With over 80 years of caring for Collingwood seniors, both family-run homes bring a lot of experience and knowledge to the table.

We will continue to update you on our progress as more development arises.

Marco Sanfilippo — Marketing Specialist/Recreation Assistant.